Ryo Kusumoto Photography






When I was in University, I have mainly studied about molecular biology.
The role of photographic technology in molecular biology research is to solemnly showcase facts. The rules of engagement are to clarify the dates, equipments and chemicals used in experimental processes to dye and, to add to the restrictions, making revision in exposures is not even allowed. But when the visual recreation and clarification are out in the eyes of the public, they are to be treated as one of uncountable stones accumulated to form a massive pyramid that is the mystery of biological phenomenon.

The portable digital devises available today enable us to capture the surface of our daily occurrences. Yet it seems ironic that the easier the sharing process of imagery becomes, the smaller or less effective the margin to serve as buffer zone becomes. In other words, the amount of information may seem to present more options yet in reality end up giving comfort zone to cage oneself in very limited interests.

I’m interested in ridiculously personal history. I’m interested in a resulting self of somebody who’s path in life must have been drastically different from my own with information I never had chance to encounter. It is impossible that I to go back in time and re-live somebody else’s life. Even if I engage in listening, understanding and visually recreating somebody’s experience despite the fact that I wasn’t present at the initial occasion simultaneously to control the circumstances, it wouldn’t be a pure representation of the facts that occur without my presence. Instead, it is possible to create an expression to spark associations and imaginations in and of themselves.

Detaching from what is photographed enables us to go beyond in time and space, thus to associate and imagine similar form and phenomenon. I suspect there may be a hint to universality in alternative route apart from simple and clear presentation of the facts.

I’m in my phase to focus on where we are standing in order to capture a moment that gives us a go to look forward only few steps ahead.