Ryo Kusumoto Photography

【Past】Group Exhibition


この度、第13回 名取洋之助写真賞の奨励賞を受賞しました。この12月23日には授賞式があり、つづく2018年のはじめには、東京と大阪で写真展が開かれる運びとなりました。

平成30年1月26日(金)~ 2月1日(木)

平成30年2月16日(金)~ 22日(木)


I was awarded the Encouragement Prize at the Natori Yonosuke Photo Award 2017. There is an award ceremony on December 23, and in the beginning of 2018, a photographic exhibition will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.

1/26 (Fri) - 2/1 (Thu)

2/16 (Fri) - 2/22 (Thu)

Regardless of anything, I'd appreciate it if you are interested and have some time to come and visit us.

【Past】Group Exhibition

Photobook As Object 成果発表展

Reminders Photography Stronghold

Open:13:00 〜 19:00
(open everyday · free entrance)
Access:2-38-5 Higashimukojima-cho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


About the exhibition:
This exhibition is presented by the "PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT" Workshop participant photographers, instructed by Yan Russell and Yumi Goto held in May 2017.

We are aiming to create and design Photobooks to deepen the story with physical elements such as the feeling and touch of the paper, fragrance, the feel of turning the pages, movement of the eyes, size and weight, etc.
The work of sorting out various ideas, condensing and translating them onto the pages with iteration after iteration has been a huge undertaking.

This year, about half of the participants have come from overseas. With this added diversity of languages and philosophies, the discussions between the lecturers and the participants was richer, and forced a push towards discovery and improvement of the elements lacking in one’s own book had it been done alone.

Presented here are the dummy-books from rough drafts to recent developments made during the workshop. These artworks become the starting point, continuing to evolve and improve while questioning oneself if this is “The artwork I wanted to create”.

We look forward to enjoying and spending time discussing and exchanging ideas about the journey of photography, achievements and failures of creating an artwork with all of you. Please do not hesitate to come and join us at the venue.

Arimasa Fukukawa
Atsuko Murano Abalos
Giancarlo Shibayama
Jiye Kim
Kensaku Seki
Laura Liverani
Ryo Kusumoto
Tammy Law
Yan Kallen
Yachiyo Enomoto

Opening Event:
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Open 1pm
1pm - Artist Talks by the Workshop participant photographers
7 pm - Cocktail Reception

【Past】Solo Exhibition

貌 -bow-

AMS gallery2

Open:10:00 〜 18:00(〜16:00 on final day)
Access:48 Dodacho, Nishinokyo, Chuoku, Kyoto, JAPAN

【Past】Group Exhibition

Nagayuki Kojima & Ryo Kusumoto

Awa-Bank Plaza Tokushima

Open:10:00 〜 17:00(〜16:00 on Monday)
Access:1-29, HigashiShinmachi, Tokushima, JAPAN

<Event:Artist talk>
Date:2016. Jan. 22
Open:14:00 〜 15:00
Access:Awa-Bank Plaza Tokushima

【Past】Solo Exhibition

KG+ 貌 -bow-

2016.Apr.23〜Apr.28(closed Fri)

I have been interested in the dignity and fear behind the physical presence. In Japan, animism on trees existed before early 8th century. This work is an attempt to visualize the concept of "awe" when facing ancient woods that has a lifespan of unmeasurable time in human terms and has witnessed the world throughout. I'd like to show them in a Kyo-machiya where had built more than 200 years ago.


Open:10:00 〜 18:00
     Kamidachiuri-Agaru, Shinmachi-
dori, Kamigyou-ku, Kyoto)

See more at
facebook Event Page
Kyotographie 2016 KG+



【Past】Solo Exhibition

Voice of Shakuson

Ryosokuin Kenning-temple

Open:10:00 〜 17:00
Access:Ryosokuin Kenning-temple
(591, Komatsu-cho, 4choume,
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto)



<Special Event>
Date:26.Feb.2016 and 28.Feb.2016
Start:14:00 〜
Contents:The tour of Fusuma picture
and private garden.

【Past】Solo Exhibition

Laatikkomo is an artist-run project. One of my work “LIFE”, other name “貌 -bow-”, showed in Laatikkomofrom January 9th–23rd . Laatikkomo can be translated into English as “Box Gallery”, and as its name suggests, it is a large, outdoor, glassed-in, box-frame in Jyväskylä, Finland. The intention of this project/gallery is to present an accurate, worldwide cross section of photography today.


For this project, they initially chose 6 photographers from 6 different continents. They began with Europe 1 - Asia 2 - Australia 3- Africa 4 - South America 5 - North America 6 and and then repeat through that order with different artists from different places. Each photographer shows one of their own images for 14 days in turn, and s/he then chooses the next photographer who will follow them. So I was the twelfth photographer to continue the lineage #4 of contemporary photographers.
Now, you can see my short interview and some images in their official website. I think It’s interesting that we can easily know how they chose and what they want to show by world map and short interviews.